school workshops page!

Coming soon…a new addition to the VPS website…a school workshops page! I’ve been working around the clock with my fabulous new web designer and I think these changes will really spice up the site and reach out to more people who want to learn about voice! So if you are a teacher and you want Voice¬†Pro/ME in your classroom, this new page is for you! More info soon…

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new vps voice demo

Solmaz Damirichi has a very special gift…she has the cutest little girl cartoon voice on the planet! Have a listen to her new voice demo! Can you guess her actual age?!

Solmaz Website Solmaz Damirchi

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arts day: workshops

I’m pretty peppy about tomorrow! I will be ¬†going to Greenwood College to give three voice workshops through out the day. Their annual Arts Day is happening and I’m delighted to be a part of the education team. It’s pretty cool because students are able to choose which workshops they want to participate in which means the sessions will be filled with energy and enthusiasm for learning about voice. Yipee! Okay, I’m off to prep…see you soon!

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to workshop to workshop

The date is set:

November 13th it is!

workshop. workshop. in-studio workshop that is!

all the logistical info is provided on the workshop page the workshop page.

fyi: the class is already half full and it’s still a month away, so don’t dilly dally too long if you want to get in this round.

p.s. I’m already super pumped about the actors signed up…!!!

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workshop buzz…

…a new VPS workshop date is about to be announced for November…stay tuned…!!!

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