demo: do it!

Happy Monday ladies and gents,

I just want to pass along these passionate words about the importance of voice demos from one of Toronto’s top voice agents, James Crammond. I couldn’t agree more James! Thanks for saying it like it is :)

“As you all know, THE most effective tool in any voice actor’s kit is his or her demo.  Without it, it is difficult for any voice caster to convince a client that a particular actor is the one for the job, or even the one to be auditioned for the job.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to know we have the talent who could do the job, but not be able to prove it because the talent hasn’t provided us with the essential promotional tools that we need.  A current, up-to-date voice demo is just as indispensable for an actor interested in getting voice work as a current photo is for an actor interested in doing on-camera commercials. Without it, you’re just not giving yourself the chance to compete.”

- James Crammond, Voice Agent at Noble Caplan Abrams

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july 9th in-studio: let’s do this!

Hello lovely people,

That’s right, after a few months break, the workshop session is back up and running for July 9th! Message me if you’d like to register and the sooner the better before spots get filled up.

What: Intro to Animation Voice Work

When: Saturday July 9th 2011

Where: MCS Recording Studios- 550 Queen St. East

Cost: $200 + hst

I can’t wait to have some fun with y’all! Wee!

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back in blogging action

Oh my darling blog, how I’ve neglected you so! Will you ever forgive me??! I promise to update more regularly and remind all you readers how exciting the voice world is and why you should be exploring your range and versatility this summer, with me!

I’m prepping for another workshop date so please send me a message if you have a date request and I’ll try my best to make it work.

Also, for all those whom I’ve been in touch with about demo makin’, get off the pot already (wow, I’m tough) and get into the booth and lay some tracks down! The only way to be heard is to record something for somebody to listen to. Know what I’m saying?!

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