Kanja for the win!











A week ago, I met with the charismatic puppet master Kanja Chen for a coaching session. Today, I got this thing of beauty in my inbox;

“Hey Melissa! I just got confirmation one minute ago, that I booked my first ever voice gig! I am playing an old asian woman in an animated pilot. Thank you for all of your help!”

I couldn’t be happier for this man and I know this is just the start of much more to come!


2014 Fall Actra Conference

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been invited back to coach a Master Class in Voice Acting for kids at this year’s ACTRA Fall Conference for members.

It’s kinda nutty that I have been a member of ACTRA for 20 years now. Wow. That makes me sound old.

Looking forward to this awesome event later this month!


Fabulous Esther











Soundcloud.com is another fabulous way you can post your voice demos.

When it comes to being fabulous, Esther Vallins reigns queen.

This fabulous gal used Sound Cloud to post both her fabulous VPS Animation & Commercial Demos.

Such a fabulous package.

Did I mention this is fabulous?


Superfly Guy Micky











I’m constantly encouraging my students to get their stuff out there so they can be heard.

The musical and magical Micky Myers is doing just that with his stellar VPS Animation Voice Demo. Thank goodness this man putting it out there for all to enjoy.

GO Micky GO!



Best Camp Ever!











Just a few pages of pick ups at today’s Camp Lakebottom recording. Ha! Oh and thank you to the hilarious Darren Frost (Squirt) for snapping this little behind the scenes photo.


She booked it!

Psst…this crazy chica by the name of Tavia Pereira just booked her very first pro voice gig for an Animated pilot! So thrilled to be part of your journey from coaching sessions to demo making and then connecting you to casting. Knock em’ dead on record day T!



Peg + Cat booking for team VPS







What’s that? Did you just say that VPS student Paula MacNeill Girvan booked the role of ‘Roxanne’ the singing Parisian cat on the adorable PBS KIDS show Peg + Cat?! Now that’s music to my ears!



New Series ‘Fireman Sam’ casts 3 VPS Students!









I just got word that VPS students Margaret BrockAshley Magwood & Mike Pongracz have ALL booked lead roles in the new Canadian version of the UK Animated Series ‘Fireman Sam’. How freakin’ cool is that? I’m so proud of you all and can’t wait to watch this adorable show.


‘Her’ Voice is Outstanding!











For anyone who has seen Spike Jonze’s new flick “Her”, you have to give credit to Scarlett Johansson for her excellent voice work. Should voice acting be considered for an oscar? I THINK SO!!!  I would argue her performance is as truthful as any I’ve seen and that performance had a high degree of difficulty. She couldn’t rely on her movie star face, but instead had to convey the emotion, honesty and playfulness through her voice using rhythm, pace, inflection and imagination. It’s a really great example of naturalism voice, which is being used more and more (especially in adult-oriented shows) Write to Mr. Oscar and let’s get voice acting the recognition it deserves!


Animation Workshop – Feb 2nd!


Date: Saturday February 2nd, 2013
Location: MCS Recording Studios- 550 Queen St. East
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Class Size: Max 8 Students (ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT!!!)
Cost: $200 + HST

Class Topics:

  • Microphone Technique
  • Character Play
  • The Voice Audition


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