*new* demo: carly heffernan

She’s got rasp, spunk and super speed. Carly Herffernan’s extensive improv and sketch experience definitely shows when she gets in the booth.  She is playful and is not afraid to follow every impulse.  It’s the kind of thing where she DOES first and THINKS later!  Carly’s comedic timing and ability to switch modes effortlessly makes her characters unpredictable and totally engaging. You can seen more of this funny gal at Second City Toronto on the main stage pretty much every night of the week!

CARLY HEFFERNAN Carly Heffernan Animation Voice Demo

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*new* demo: ted morris

The very talented Ted Morris attended my first ever 1 day workshop back in December of 2009. Ah, seems like forever ago! 2 and a bit years later he was back in action for my 6-week class shebang. And then a couple of weeks ago, we reunited once again to create the material for his very first ever animation voice demo recording! Ted can do quirky, kicky, sassy and sexay! I’m a big fan of the energy and great shape he gives to each one of his characters. This demo is packed with pure punch! I can definitely see why this Comedy Now! star is no stranger to making people laugh onstage at comedy clubs both near and far. Here’s to makin’ em laugh on the cartoon networks worldwide! Love you Ted!

TED MORRIS Ted Morris Animation Voice Demo

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*new* demo: Andrew Cromwell

This past fall, Andrew Cromwell and I worked together on his sweet animation demo. 2012 came round and Andrew made the smart choice to beef up his portfolio and create a commercial voice demo as well. This guy’s got a great range of deep and booming approaches to his reads but can also do the quirkiest of adenoidal head voices (you’ll know what I mean when you hear it!). You sold me Andrew!

Andrew Cromwell Andrew Cromwell Commercial Voice Demo

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*new* demo: paul stafford

Paul Stafford is no stranger to the recording booth. This man flows freely from one dialect to the next and moves in and out of his characterizations with ease and confidence. We could have made a demo just of his many hilarious accents (there are that many). It was pure pleasure working with Paul the last couple months in the studio class and I’m quite confident he’ll continue to entertain us all on the small screen on an upcoming animated series. Keep your ears open!

Paul Stafford Paul Stafford Animation Voice Demo

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*New* Demo: Richard Young

Richard Young was in the studio yesterday and he sure did make his mark! As a writer, improv-er and BMO commercial specialist (ha!), Richard approached his coaching sessions and demo recording with enthusiasm and determination. This is a guy who commits all the way and leaves nothing behind. His demo includes a warm and friendly dad, a dopey southern slug and a ridiculous super strength monster fighting man. I’m really impressed with how far this guy’s come and I so look forward to seeing what’s next! I quite enjoy you Richard Young and your demo too :)

RICHARD YOUNG Richard Young Animation Voice Demo

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*new* demo: katie bowes

It’s March madness, as in DEMO madness! Yesterday was especially fun when Katie came in to the studio because we did a double whammy demo sesh which involved animation and commercial recordings. Katie has an very cool husky texture to her voice. She can also access her nasal and head voices super well which gives her some nice range. It was a blast having Katie in my class during this past winter session. She is genuine and smart and has a wicked sense of humour. Congrats Katie on your double demo day!

Katie Bowse Animation Katie Bowes Animation Demo

Katie Bowse Commercial Katie Bowes Commercial Demo

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*New* Demo: Jen Pogue

I had the pleasure of meeting the loveliest Jen Pogue at the top of the new year when she attended my 6 week in-studio class. This gal sure does make me giggle. She’s candid and warm and darn fuhnny. Her demo showcases her amazing youthful cutie pie voice and comedic timing. She can play sharp and sassy but also be wacky and ridiculous. I really like how Jen takes risks and tries even when she’s never done something similar before. I have a feeling this lady has a very bright voice career in the making…Happy listening!

JEN POGUE Jen Pogue Animation Voice Demo

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*New* Demo: Allan Turner

I first met Allan Turner 2 years ago when he took my one day voice workshop. We then met up again in the studio this past fall when Allan signed on for the 6-weeker in studio class. And this past Friday, it was time for Allan’s demo recording session! This guy has an amazing gravel and texture to his voice. With his many years of clown experience, he can play dark and vulnerable and silly all at the same time. Allan is a very focussed and thoughtful performer, writer and most recently voice director. Congrats Allan, your voice demo sounds GREAT.

Allan Turner Allan Turner Animation Voice Demo

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*New* demo: Andrew Cromwell

Good evening fine blog readers! I’m silly excited to introduce Andrew Cromwell to you all. This dude is the real deal when it comes to character play. Andrew’s versatility is amazing. With ease he flits from the strong and masculine type with his full bodied voice and then in the next breath he’s an old timer muttering about “kids these days” and then poof, he transforms into Elmo’s twin brother! I admire Andrew’s ability to free style and flow in his characters. I’m very proud of the dedication and focus he’s had over the last couple of months working towards his demo recording. Congrats to you Andrew for knocking it out of the booth (yep, that’s a right, I swapped park for booth). Pow! 

Andrew Cromwell Andrew Cromwell Animation Voice Demo

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*new* demo: carlos finch

Carlos Finch is up on the blog today and boy am I ever excited to share his demo with y’all! This man’s work is both thoughtful and creative. Carlos knows how to play high status really well but can also bring it down when he needs to. My fave characters include the British upper to lower class switch (betcha didn’t see that one coming) and the very menacing villain in his lair (hello sociopath). Congrats to you Carlos for all your hard work during our coaching sessions together. Seriously, it was an absolute pleasure. Happy listening everybody!

Carlos Finch Carlos Finch Animation Voice Demo

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