What’s recording in T.O?

Production Start
Almost Naked Animals
(Season 2)
01/09/11 30/09/12
(Season 16)
27/10/11 30/04/12 Debra Toffan
(Season 1)
26/03/12 23/03/13 Debra Toffan
Brett Carruthers
Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, The
(Series 2)
17/08/11 30/04/12 Susan Hart
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood 04/05/11 29/10/12
Detentionaire III 13/02/12 13/02/13
Ella the Elephant 05/12/11 12/06/12 Susan Hart
Justin Time 2 07/07/11 –/11/12 Dee Shipley
Mike the Knight 30/05/11 30/05/12 Dayton and Walters
Oh No 22/11/11 22/11/12 Dayton and Walters
(Season 2)
03/05/11 03/05/12
Rocket Monkeys 03/01/12 27/07/12
Totally Spies
(Season 6)
–/12/11 –/07/12 John Stocker
Wild Kratts
(Season 2)
03/10/11 23/03/12

*This info is courtesy of ACTRA TORONTO www.actratoronto.com/shooting/index.html


Actra conference

Happy sunny Monday!

I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at the 2012 ACTRA Winter Members’ Conference! Below is the blurb about the workshop from the ACTRA site:

February 23rd 2012-9:45 -11:45 am

Ready, Set, Show!*

Voice with the pros. One of Canada’s top voice talents and teachers, Melissa Altro, joins moderator John Nelles to get your voice warmed up and READY. Then ACTRA’s 2012 Voice Award nominees share how they get SET to audition and perform. We’ll even put you on mic to up your game and SHOW you what you can do to succeed in the vibrant world of voice performing. Participants will be selected from the audience.*Please see Master Class application details.

P.s. This conference is FREE for members, so all you have to do is go the ACTRA site to sign up. I hope to see you there!


blast from the past

Good morning! Check out this this fab blog post from Top Online Colleges called the 10 voice actors who shaped your childhood and you didn’t even know it. Learn more behind the scenes info about the voice greats, Elmo, Bugs Bunny and even Wilma from The Flintstones. Yabba dabba doo!

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I’d like to extend a big thank you to the people from Youth Without Shelter for asking me to be a part of their awesome fundraiser called Tokens4Change. I had a blast voice directing this piece! I’d also like to give a shout out to a student of mine Toyin Ajimati for lending his voice to this project and for doing such a kick ass job! Check it out and help spread the word! Also if you’d like to get involved, please visit their website at http://www.yws.on.ca/category/get-involved.

Tokens4Change Video:



Voices.com Interview

I had a lovely chat the other day with Stephanie Ciccarelli, co-creator of the dynamic voice talent site www.voices.com. Ciccarelli has created a space where voice talent, who are not represented by agents, can post their demos and can find voice gigs on their own. Students are always asking me “What can I do on my own without an agent?”.  How about checking out voices.com?

Stephanie also had a bunch of questions about what my experience has been like voicing the role of Muffy on Arthur for the last 16 years. Thanks Stephanie for wanting to know more :)

Click below to view the full Voices.com interview!



Mooney on a cartoon voice workshop

Megan Mooney, editor of the very popular TO blog Mooney on Theatre, writes about her day in the recording studio and what goes down in a Voice Pro Studio workshop.

Thanks for coming out Megan and for sharing your experience with all the Mooney on Theatre readers!


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Improv with Jessi linn

My lovely and talented friend Jessi Linn Davies is a teacher and education consultant offering hands-on improv workshops. She has recently written an awesome book filled with creative and fun improv games. Please check out her vibrant website and learn more about her and the exciting work she’s doing!


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Nunc Scio spreads the word.

Graeme Stewart in his tres cool blog Nunc Scio, whips up a sleek blog post with juicy topics that include: my career as a voice actor, how to break into the industry, info about Voice Pro Studio and more. Read up and comment away!


Thanks G-Star for asking questions :)

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Miranda’s Workshop Experience

The lovely Miranda Plant who participated in last weekend’s animation voice workshop, wrote a blog post about her Voice Pro in-studio experience. I think you should check it out because a) it will give you a feel for what it’s like to participate in my animation workshop; and b) she’s an adorable and talented gal! Thanks for sharing Miranda!


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helpful hints from a casting director

Dee Shipley, a Toronto casting director who has worked on over 45 animation series, offers up some helpful suggestions about auditioning on her website.

I like how she reminds us (the lovable neurotic actor types) that the casting director is on your side and that she wants you to have a great audition. Also, I totally agree that confidence and risk-taking are sure fire ways to make a solid impression.

Take a looksie!

Audition Tips From Dee Shipley

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