Check out these smilin’ faces from today’s Animation Voice Workshop! Thanks to all who came out to play :)


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summer newsletter!

Voice Pro Studio’s first ever NEWSLETTER has arrived! SUBSCRIBE now so you can be one of the first to know about Voice Pro offers, classes and more!

A big thanks goes out to Aaron Stern for all his help in making this possible :)


as gretchen in the new Camp Lakebottom

I’m just bursting at the seams to share some exciting news…

I’ll be playing the part of the fiesty and sarcastic GRETCHEN, a series lead in 26 episodes of the new animated children’s show CAMP LAKEBOTTOM!

The series is being produced by 9 Story entertainment and scheduled to air on Teletoon. Our first recording is scheduled for next week and I’ll meet the whole cast and crew. The plan is for the whole cast to spend the day in the studio together recording as an ensemble (I haven’t recorded with other actors in years, seriously!).

I’m pleased as punch to be part of this fabulous project and feel very grateful for the opportunity :) Read the blurb below for more info!


“Camp Lakebottom is the only summer camp where you don’t have to make up the late night campfire stories,” said Alan Gregg, Director, Original Content, TELETOON Canada Inc. “We are delighted with how the show has evolved and feel that it will be a great addition to our exciting lineup.”

Targeted for boys and girls, aged six to 11, the series follows the hilarious summer adventures of Lakebottom’s rambunctious young campers and their creep show counselors. Camp Lakebottom will take viewers into the most awesomely horrible summer camp in the world. The cabins are possessed, the staff members are a real creep show … and the kids are having way too much fun! With outrageous set-ups, plentiful freaks of nature and campers so over-the-top, they have to hang out a sixth story window just to tie their shoes, Camp Lakebottom will be the funniest, most horrifying vacation paradise on TV!


Snaps from voice class

Here are some great snap shots from last night’s in-studio class! Thanks to Jen, Carin, Katie and Paul for allowing me to capture the action!

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Bunch Family Post

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the lovely people at Bunch Family (a faboo blog for parents) to chat about being the voice of Muffy and the kind of stuff I’ll be teaching at next week Kids Cartoon Voice Class.

Click on the link below to view their complete post! Thanks a *Bunch*!


P.s. I hope you enjoy this rare photo of Muffy’s lucious non-braided hairdo!

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the animation voice demo

Hey there! Last month the Vox Daily Blog featured the article I wrote called The Animation Voice Demo- 6 Key Elements. For those who missed it, here it is today featured on the VPS bloggedy blog. I hope you enjoy the read :)


Let me break it down for you folks, if you want an agent to represent you in voice, you NEED a voice demo to submit to them in order to be considered. That being said, you need a character demo to be cast in general regardless of where your job opportunities come from. Below I’ve put together a list of the key 6 elements in my opinion that makes a voice demo great!


  1. Length
  2. Collection of solid character voices
  3. Writing
  4. Music/Sound Effects
  5. Direction
  6. Editing/Sound Mixing


The ideal length of a voice demo should fall between a minimum of one minute long and at a maximum of two minutes. Like any kind of entertainment or impactful art, if it’s worthwhile, it will keep your listener’s attention. Also, the length will depend on the amount of character voices and length of the individual pieces. These are choices your director will make depending on your range and quality of delivery.


You want your character voices to be strong and distinctive so you should only have between 8-12 characters. If you have a collection of voices that are truly unique and stand a part from the rest your number might be closer to 12. If you are still in the process of developing your range you should stick to a number that’s closer to 8 character voices. Overlap creates for a redundant demo. You want to impress and surprise, keeping your listener engaged so you want to avoid having a collection of character voices that sound too similar. Ideally you want a variety of stock characters and your own “one of a kinds.” This is an important mixture so that you can convey to your listener that you have the ability to play popular types of characters and that you have pulse on what’s current. While the “one of a kinds” will allow your listener to know that you are creative and thoughtful. This is a dynamic combination and if executed successfully will without a doubt impress any listener!


The writing in your demo is very important. Humour is key. Everybody loves to laugh and it’s essential when we’re talking cartoons that humour is involved. Also, you don’t want to take yourself too seriously so it’s best to have material that’s light and clever and perhaps even include some moments that are a bit self-depreciating of self-referential.


Sound effects can really bring a read alive. A good sound effect or music choice will bring energy to a read. It can even give it context and will further support the character’s intention or mood of the read, i.e. an evil sounding music piece will heighten the suspense and danger of a scheming villain character voice. That being said, it’s very important that the music or sound effects do not over power the read or distract from the character. You want to include music that’s in sync with the actor’s delivery and avoid adding anything that is too busy or chaotic sounding or by contrast too slow or dull sounding. It’s a fine balance!


How important is good direction? Well, a good director knows how to bring out the best in you. This director will get your reads to be varied with changes in pacing, mood and energy levels. It’s also essential that you director is creative and imaginative. Wacky vision and exploring sometimes what seems “weird” is what will make your demo stand out from the rest.


Finally, it’s time for editing and sound mixing. Once your demo material is all recorded and you leave the studio, the editing process begins. It’s crucial that the sound engineer works with the director to make the transitions snappy and the gaps between the lines as small as possible. The awkward breaths and mouth noises should edited out as well leaving your reads sounding clean and clear! Sound effects and music are thoughtfully added and ta da! A brand spankin’ new voice demo!


*new* demo: Erica Wood

Hello there friends and voice lovas! I have a spicy demo for you this evening performed by the lovely Erica Wood. I am so feeling her deep and dark villainess in the first spot. She has quite the polished mischievous laugh! I think her youthful character pieces are totally adorable and she has a nice wide-eyed approach to her reads. It was a pleasure working with you Ms.Wood and I think it’s fair to say you now have one fine voice demo to your name!

Erica Wood Erica Wood Animation Voice Demo



I’d like to extend a big thank you to the people from Youth Without Shelter for asking me to be a part of their awesome fundraiser called Tokens4Change. I had a blast voice directing this piece! I’d also like to give a shout out to a student of mine Toyin Ajimati for lending his voice to this project and for doing such a kick ass job! Check it out and help spread the word! Also if you’d like to get involved, please visit their website at http://www.yws.on.ca/category/get-involved.

Tokens4Change Video:



she’s a guest blogger!

Check out the fancy lil’ article I wrote for VOX Daily!

It’s about the 6 key elements that can contribute to making an animation demo come alive and get you noticed. If you want more info or have any questions about making a voice demo of your own and how to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Happy reading!



*new* demo: Jamaal Grant

Hello friends!

Here’s another sweet demo treat for ya’ll to feast on this evening! There’s no doubt that Jamaal Grant took care of biznas during his recent demo record. I really enjoy this man’s tone and vocal texture. Some of my fave pieces include his laid back surfer dude and his maniacal villain. GREAT work Jamaal!

Jamaal Grant Jamaal Grant Animation Voice Demo

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